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David Hundeyin

Apart from everything else, let me just remind this mumu and others like her that you don't "apply for asylum" like…

7 hours ago

Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT

Proud to be advisor to project with such potential. First ever non custodial wallet with VISA. It’s decentralised s…

12 hours ago


“It all started with 10 minutes a day” When visa issues derailed his soccer career, Hellah Sidibe decided to take…

1 week ago


RT @ningnings: some 'mys' still defending sm is wild to me…ningning had to clarify HERSELF that sm never applied for her visa in the first…

25 seconds ago

Cult Watchers International

@CivilRights Cults traffic people using the Religious Workers Visa. Cull and weed out the abusers of the Religious…

54 seconds ago

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