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destiney bleu

And dont get me started on how much her husband copies brands. Yall can google how many times Yeezy has been faced…

17 hours ago

Elise Swopes

Swopes’ Sunshine Giveaway 🌻💛 RT + FOLLOW for a chance to win: Canvas Print $25 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card Kodak…

1 day ago

Shea Serrano

i forwarded an email to The GOAT so she could print it for me — the email address it came from sounded like a woman…

11 hours ago

Sarah Young

What did I just read? Are we serious with this? It’s unfathomable to me that this kind of hate still exists. I know…

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RT @CertifiedPop: Why The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leopard Print Shirt Is About More Than Fashion And Where You Can Get It…

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Donald J. Trump

Spoke w/ President Erdogan of Turkey to advise where we stand on all matters including our last two weeks of succes…

1 month ago

Scott Dworkin

Whatever you do don’t retweet this video I found of Trump saying he has “the best Russian partners” before signing…

1 month ago


RT @Ri_ririririA: @지금까지 접수된 커뮤 신청서가 수요조사의 20% 밖에 안된 게 빡쳐서 만든 짤 트훔함 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1 month ago


RT @soramuko: 「寝てる……よね………?」 間に合えば1/20の砲雷撃戦(&コミトレ)で出す提督LOVE川内本の表紙になります 【あ-49.50 雨洩り宿】

1 month ago