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Sen Dianne Feinstein

The president's statements today are unprecedented in their venal nature. They make crystal clear that Andy McCabe'…

1 month ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

Nobody gets everything they want in this world. The nature of this world is such that things won’t go according to…

1 month ago

Adam Schiff

It’s hard for the public to understand Cambridge Analytica and their role in the Trump campaign, and the unethical…

1 month ago

Decentralized Talk Podcast

Using hard drive space instead of proccessing power to validate could solve the environmental drawbacks of cryptocu…

1 month ago

Rik van 't Hoog

RT @EricTopol: Whoa. Not just antibiotics, but 1 in 4 drugs affects our gut #microbiome @Nature by @embl @emblebi @kiran_r_patil & colleagu…

1 month ago