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Link me in 2022

@ThisBeMeIisHe @vrnkswn Yup

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Link me in 2022

RT @ilovenickonnen: Nah In college it be like When you take a route to class to see someone walking. But you ain’t see em. Be hurt lol http…

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Link me in 2022

RT @zjawn: A visual representation of “Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch”

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CJ Werleman

India: 32-year-old Muslim and software engineer Mohammad Azam was lynched and killed by Hindu mob on Friday, after…

15 hours ago

Shannon Coulter

Amazon sells software to ICE, advertises on Breitbart, carries NRATV, has 18% women among senior managers, directly…

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Bill Mitchell

THIS JUST IN: "Russian agents employed an 128-bit quantum algorithm to ascertain that the DNC password was p@sswor…

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Jonathan Malina

🧠 Anyone know an organization that has wireless bioelectronics & software for human genomic biotechnology? ~ Talkin…

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RT @revolocities: here's what i do when i am stuck on arm position. i know there's like 6000 tutorials on this but yeah lol my friend wante…

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