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Timothy Sykes

Props to those of you studying right now on a weekend, that's what it takes to truly make it over time, so never lose your passion

1 day ago

James Moran

38 minutes left for Blood Shed! Signed scripts, props, Polaroids, your pet on screen, synth score, script feedback:

7 hours ago

Mikki Kendall

We don't exist to assuage your guilt or be props for your white savior fantasies. You wanted tokens & you got people.

5 days ago

elyse breeze

Props to Moe's for unveiling their first drive thru in Buffalo on 4/20. Strategic marketing, everyone. Know your au…

7 minutes ago


you say that I am flawless, true perfection so give me all your drugs, props, money, and connections

14 minutes ago

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