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Jeremy D. Larson

Thinking about how, long before "Karen," The Hold Steady tried to coin "Trevor" for clever kids. Wish that would ha…

15 hours ago

Mitch Weiss

“Rock Force is a beautifully told story of war: the friendships, the courage and despair, and the terror... One of…

1 week ago

WAR-ED 歌詞bot

「わたしの力で 世界を変えてみせます」と ライブするあの人- の 言葉は響かない 有言実行してから マイク持ってくれ - 【I Wanna Rock With You Tonight】 #war_ed_bot

13 minutes ago

Album Review Bot

Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom (1974): Here, the Montana stoner rock quintet thoughtlessly articulates themes of birth…

23 minutes ago

Linh Pham

😃: Happier / Lost and Gone Forever / Guster 😶: I Am a Rock / Sounds of Silence / Simon & Garfunkel 🙁: Crash And Bur…

51 minutes ago

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