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Chris Ticehurst

The Official Nintendo Wii U is 885mb - MANY web site just copy and paste the news WITHOUT research.


5 years ago

Supermarket Records

#RT Visit Our New Web! Info, Releases, Artists, News and Many More!! And Soon Big Surprises & Gifts!! http://t.co/0bJr1nSi


5 years ago


My laptop won't load any web pages. At all. It's extremely irritating and I found myself on many an occasion today ready to smash it.


5 years ago


@Punkster77 I NEVER use my REAL name on web! Have so many IDs on web,I meantime forgot about 20 of them,or at least canot remember the PW!;)


5 years ago

Ross McEwen

@waydetardif @rmcewencycling We can ship as many tubs as you need mate. You can order and pay at our web store http://t.co/apUEacys


5 years ago

Danny Hazan

@liddy17 don't think its on tv or web. But I do see many different people shooting video on the baseline.


5 years ago

Allan F. Gagnon

I am amazed how many times I am turning to jQuery to solve and improve every web application I have been developing. #jQueryRocks


5 years ago

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