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1.6 million Tweets and counting about @onedirection's surprise song announcement - #DragMeDown http://t.co/KXJMTJYwA0 http://t.co/cV2bvmxE0c


11 hours ago

Ashton Irwin

I have a pizza hangover today... I feel like I am made of doe... New album soon "made of doe", with the #1 song "she's kinda bread doe"


4 hours ago

Shawn Mendes

Really into this new 1D song, really good


6 hours ago

Danielle papais

RT @WORIDSTARHIPH0P: The Weeknd, Drake & Kanye have a song together on Kanye's upcoming album #SWISH http://t.co/MEaoIzLNpT


22 seconds ago

white nigga

ehilà 🌸 io e @AnnaColetto99 creiamo un gruppo su whatsapp di directioner, chi ci sta? 🙌🏻 #fav, numero e nome in dm 🐱


22 seconds ago


Any song sung by George Strait is country as its best


22 seconds ago

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