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Luca Tentoni

Elezioni in Baviera #Bayern #Bayernwahl #ltw18 #LtwBayern18 http- s://…

1 month ago


Indication of how serious a storm #HurricaneMichael is: @WaffleHouse is closed here. Read about @fema’s Waffle Hous…

2 months ago

Possible Vandalism

Wikipedia page Western Plateau has possibly been vandalized.

1 month ago


俺のwikiが出来た。【 dpxa3K】 気軽に編集してくれ。 #kamijou_towma

1 month ago

Charles Vanetzian

RT @tractotheque: J'ai en tout cas pu prendre les photos dont j'avais besoin pour illustrer 2 articles (à compléter) de mon site (pas la Tr…

1 month ago

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