Wine tweets

DeMarcus Ketchum

"Who they attracting with that line what's your name what's sign? Soon as he buy that wine I just creep up from behind."

9 years ago


@Lakai1or2die3 I got wine! Hahaha

9 years ago

♔ Ria ♥

@ddeepkkaran Meeeeh Good food & Wine styll :$

9 years ago

Kim Bray

@DesignNexus red wine? Lol have no idea! :-D

9 years ago


Got two bottles of wine and no one to share them with #ohwell #moreforme #mmmm

9 years ago


I will never trust a straight man that drinks wine!

9 years ago

Rhiannon Russell

In Major Need Of Wine And A Catch Up Sort This Mood Out #girlytime

9 years ago

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