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Poppy Harlow

Wow. People amaze me. I’m sitting at a restaurant in Tribeca working on a special project and within five minutes…

6 days ago

Ged Killen

We’ve had the ongoing WASPI scandal; the so-called ‘dementia tax’ fiasco; the removal of free TV license for 75+; t…

2 days ago

Kimothie 👻

um just found out i’m working with 2 couples and a family in the counseling clinic to start off the semester 😬😬😬

just now

Pernet Family Health

Strengthening your relationship with your partner provides a solid foundation for you to build from for you family.…

1 hour ago

K (fan account)

Some Dianne stans are worried that joe and Dianne won’t see each other much, we all know one of the reasons they… —…

2 hours ago

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