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Michael Avenatti

To those that call for a kinder, gentler Dem party, I give you the 1988 election, the 2000 recount, the Garland nom…

1 week ago

Lou Dobbs

#FakeNews- The Hurricane Maria death tolls have been inflated & President @realDonaldTrump was right to call out or…

1 week ago

Kari Paul

what if, instead, every year we made him pay a large portion his $163 billion wealth and distributed it to existing…

1 week ago


RT @VINTERINE: you know when ur by urself and you trip or stumble and you just have to call, txt or tell someone that u just tripped to get…

1 week ago

Iiro K

Here's a look at Anna Shcherbakova's 3Flip takeoff that received a ! call. It's a clear inside edge. She also recei…

1 week ago