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Verified Directioner

How often do you buy things via the Internet? — Actually not that much, only 2 times or something because im alw...

11 years ago


RT @conneally: #Syria's govn urged by @ITUSecGen 2unblock #internet + #mobile 2unblock access via @guardian #WCIT12 ...

11 years ago


Have you ever bought something on the internet? — Yup

11 years ago

Stevo Hughes

RT @Reuters: Syrian jets bomb rebels, Internet down for third day

11 years ago

Catherine Fraser

@boygriffin We'll just pop it on the internet - he'll never notice

11 years ago

Your Uncy Fia ;

I hope nobody was hurt or had there lives seriously disrupted by the floods. And by seriously disrupted I don't mean no internet -_-

11 years ago

Hamda Al-Mansoori♡

remember when they said don't talk to strangers on the internet?

11 years ago

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