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#fanart #anime Hand in a Bowl of Warm Water - I think I'm getting better at drawing hands...maybe? I dunno, it just ... http://t.co/CrQJJG0c


7 years ago


dad: jr, smell your ice cream! jr: *leans into bowl* me: *smashes his face in the bowl* lmfaaaao oh jesus x')


7 years ago

Mike Anderson

Nice win Oklahoma over TCU... Awaiting the results if the Kansas state and Texas game to see who get the BCS bowl berth


7 years ago

Marcus K. Anderson

New Vikings stadium is Super Bowl for law firms: So when the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority sought applic... http://t.co/Pq376WcL


7 years ago

Just . . Keep Calm

RT @DoYouBelievelt: French kissing a.k.a tongue kissing exchanges more bacteria than licking the inside of a toilet bowl in a public res ...


7 years ago

Lesley Nieto

@Olea_EvelynnXo , haha yeah. I don't even care tho. (x if it was a super bowl, it's a whole different story. :p


7 years ago

Princess Selene ♓

Ugh I can't believe Alabama won once again grrr -.- now they go to the BCS Bowl against Notre Dame blah X(


7 years ago

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