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RIP the rest of the industry: iPhone X’s A11 chip has 6 independently addressable CPU cores

1 week ago


@endshark If it was GPU, it's generally just the screen that might stop displaying at times, if RAM or CPU, you'd g…

4 hours ago


RT @theCGchannel: HP has unveiled the Z8 G4: the "world's most powerful" #CG workstation, with up to 56 CPU cores, 3 x Quadro P6000s, 3TB R…

6 hours ago


RT @LinusTech: NEW TECHQUICKIE: What are the differences between the different CPU models in AMD's new Ryzen lineup?…

10 hours ago

Noa E

@OnionWolf Skype's been pretty downhill for the most part, it always takes up tons of space AND CPU on my old phone. Only for PC now X.x

17 hours ago

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