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@Funnel_x_Cakes @DcuoLamonsta @Beluba Sorry. I don’t enjoy playing 2 hours of gameplay against CPU to get 1 badge u…

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Cube 

@jmwiltjer @NicAnsuini Lol you call that roasted? iOS suits what I need and it works well for me. I have a Note 8 a…

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それは現在開発中の次世代LBXの試作品、プロトゼノン。CP- UはビートルH2、デビルテイルH3、デビルホーンX搭載で、- 演算処理能力は通常のLBXの七倍。もちろん、誰もが扱えるL- BXではありません

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Ahmedz 🐾 🔜 MFF

Maybe I'll have less of an issue once I clean up all of my scenes and sources and keep them at a minimum (or get of…

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