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Henrique Valcanaia

@netflix is this still true? @googlechrome, @firefox, @opera: Up to 720p @Microsoft IE, Safari(running on OS X 10.…

2 weeks ago


@BrokenGamezHD Ace Combat 7 is running at 1080p on X and it can’t hold solid 60fps, it’s because of that weakass jaguar CPU.

2 weeks ago


@GarethGarner @hi__emma CPSmith’s set is one of my favourite BR sets. here’s the link

2 weeks ago

Layla Mah

I wonder how badly twitter will decimate this screenshot. What it says at the top is: Total: 5.64ms CPU: 4.67ms G…

2 weeks ago


毎回、開発班はCPUの挙動だけでなくパーティションまで考え- てコーディングしろよとは思いますが、まあその修正も業務の一- つなので

2 weeks ago

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