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@crawfojd_jc Is he mad at left wing billionaires? He pals around on Steve Branson's yacht a lot. Did he ask Steve…

5 hours ago

Sneachta Laden

@ALLinONEboat @kurteichenwald Read DOJ/Mueller court filings Manafort. Official #NoRussianCollusion. Indictments 4…

1 day ago

The Daily Telegraph

OPINION via @InSharpRelief: Photos showing a convalescing James Packer hosting a party of pals and their model girl…

2 days ago

Reggie Garcia

@Jenn_JennJenn It’s a leisure raft named “the yacht.” Who wants a giant boat with a bunch of strangers when you can…

5 days ago

The Wing King® (sword owner)

we live in a sweet country where you can vote to pass a huge tax cut for yourself and all your pals and then go cel…

6 days ago

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