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Kayla Tausche

EXCLUSIVE: Jared Kushner arranged an investor meeting on the sidelines of Pres. Trump's 2017 trip to Asia. Immedia…

4 weeks ago

Charlie Kirk

Fact: According to multiple White House sources, the alleged “Whistleblower” was heard discussing the need to “tak…

4 weeks ago

Kevin M. Kruse

This is a great point by the GOP senators and the Trump defense counsel -- there has *never* been a US investigatio…

4 weeks ago

Edgar Andres M

RT @Klose_RM: Inolvidable aquella final de la supercopa de España en 2017, el Real Madrid fue un vendaval en el camp nou, marcador 1-3. Imp…

3 weeks ago

Cheap And Wholesale

January 30, 2020 at 10:00PM - 2017 Master Game Development Bundle (pay what you want) Ashraf… #SEO #vlogging #wahm

3 weeks ago