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It wasn't surprising that Moscow Mitch made an empty photo op visit to President Zelenskyy. Even less of a surprise…

1 day ago

Strangers by Kojo Marfo

Strangers deserve a surprise, especially after this week. What’s your biggest wish ? 🧿

18 hours ago


Have you staked your HYPEBEAR yet? 💰💰💰 Surprise AIRDROP is happening anytime before this month ends. Stake your H…

22 hours ago

dubby with a W

RT @BalenaTweet: What a surprise, appeal rejected within mere hours. This makes 4 videos flagged as "made for kids" within a month. Your sh…

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Manvi Bhardwaj🇮🇳

RT @BepannaahNo1Fan: I wish that life brings you a beautiful surprise for every every second of every day in your life HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAR…

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