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Michael Heaver

Portugal to introduce ‘fast track’ UK-only airport lanes for tourists post-Brexit. No visas required for Brits ev…

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Dana Loesch

He Tweeted for kids to be murdered and posted a graphic of a woodchipper spitting blood. Sorry — but “whoops, I Twe…

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Kyle Griffin

2,500 retailers are unable to take any form of food stamps due to the government shutdown, because they need to ren…

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Wesley Wizkid

RT @am_dagi: Gain 1000 followers Retweet fast Follow all RTs #GainWithTrevor

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RT @XYZ0815art: Die Bundesagentur für Arbeit hat 2017 rund 343 Millionen Euro Kindergeld an Konten im Ausland gezahlt. Damit haben sich die…

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