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Ricky Dillon

yum! i love mexican food!

1 day ago

Brittanya Razavi

Yum! Get your calendar sealed with a kiss on request! Order now at 💋

18 hours ago

Kung Fu Pandami

Man. Timi wrote a song. Timi's voice. Yum. #AirtelWhatsYourSay #TheVoiceNigeria

1 hour ago

I'm a snake 4 you

RT @SpeakComedy: Yum yum 👅

just now

Raejean Cortez

This guy called me yum yum and said I make his day everytime he sees me and I've never seen this guy in my life 😂

just now

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Chelsea FC


1 month ago

Lil Chano From 79th

Wait wtf. I just retweeted a gem off your page only to find out you rocking with the kid?!? Let's make it happen I…

1 month ago


@TheCandado_61 Ya habrán otras... Por mucho que digas de que ella es única y eso, siempre va a haber alguien que te…

1 month ago