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Jana Kotherová

Že mi #planetagympl nedala něco do života? Díky hodinám geografie a IVT jsem našla na želpage chybu. Vlak TLX 5251…

1 month ago

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Dan Rather

News is what the powerful want to keep hidden. By limiting the scope of the FBI investigation on Kavanaugh, the Whi…

1 month ago

Rachel Maddow MSNBC

I imagine this is, uh, not what Senators had in mind... Don McGahn “has given the FBI a list of witnesses they are…

1 month ago

Helen Magnavita

RT @MichaelAvenatti: If true, this is a serious problem that will undermine the legitimacy of the entire process. v…

1 month ago

Syakilla Nadazahra

Berfoto di Proyek Tol Padang-Pekanbaru yang 'Mangkrak', Fadli Zon: Tak Ada Pekerjaan Apapun, Padahal yang Resmikan…

1 month ago