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archivers/lua-zlib: Makefile nia: lua-zlib: fix prefix t9

6 minutes ago


ぼちぼちSimutransのOTRPでワイのセーブデータだ- け起きてる謎バグの原因をVisualStudio経由で確認- しようとしたけど、zlibやらの導入めんどくせで止まってる- 模様。

4 hours ago


@BradyBonnette Or this if you want want to install some build reps: ./configure --without-readline --without-zlib

4 hours ago

Jyrki Alakuijala

@thecomp1ler @wanderview @yoavweiss Cool! Do you have an example file where zlib performs better?

5 hours ago


RT @nickdothutton: Personally, if thinking strategically, I’d go for some low level library. PCRE, or zlib, of course SSL Libs of all kinds…

6 hours ago

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