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NASA has selected Starship to land the first astronauts on the lunar surface since the Apollo program! We are humbl…

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Daily Caller

GOV. DESANTIS: “If you get a vaccine... you’re immune and so act immune. If you tell people the opposite... that it…

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I Have Good News: -Wyoming now requires voter ID -Nebraska is now a 2nd Amendment sanctuary state -Iowa is ref…

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B.Kay Frye

RT @Grahmptr: JUST IN : Ex-Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones, Democrat who switched to the GOP after supporting Trump, has announced to chall…

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RT @RTErdogan: Vizyon sahibi bir devlet adamı ve siyasetçi olarak fikirleri, icraatları ve başarılarıyla Türk siyasi hayatında derin bir iz…

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