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Gov. Mike Huckabee

The arrogance and ignorance of Mini-Mike about American Agriculture today is alarming. He has NO idea how technical…

12 hours ago

Tom Fitton

Confirming DOJ is leftist fiefdom: Leftist group organizes "former" DoJ gov't employees to attack Barr for refusing…

1 day ago

Sergio Moro

Grande apreensão de armas ilegais pela PRF em Minas Gerais.

18 hours ago

FriendsInHighPlaces +++

RT @lawyer4laws: The U.S. Constitution says: You have the Right to Pursue Happiness . . *Not Guarantee Happiness. It's called *Individual/…

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Centrum Informacyjne Rządu

🇪🇺 20 lutego 2020 r. szef polskiego rządu @MorawieckiM udaje się do #Bruksela, gdzie weźmie udział w nadzwyczajnym…

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