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Greg Sargent

When headlines echo Trump's false or dubious claims without signaling to readers that they are false or dubious, th…

2 weeks ago

Andrea Russett

i'm not an inbetween person. i want to see everyone or i lock myself in my room for a week. i paint with every colo…

2 weeks ago


New cable shows New York Times "reporter" Scott Shane handed over Cablegate's secret country by country publication…

2 weeks ago

Lajos Bodorka

Found a Transponder Snail! Get an inside look at the flashiest crew around! jn #TreCru

2 weeks ago

Jim K

RT @SheriffClarke: LYING LIB MEDIA and liberals, do I have you attention yet or do you want more? Love John Wayne. An AMERICAN icon and PAT…

2 weeks ago

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