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Dan Price

So to recap: the government told us to stay home and stop working, and gave us $1,200 to last at least eight months…

1 month ago


Yet again I don't get it. Over a hundred bucks on food a day? Even for a family of 5 thats a gross over estimate. 2…

1 month ago


RT @_hyp3ri0n: 'eeeeyyyyy a donation for for 5 bucks :). If everyone that was on there every day donated that amoun…

1 month ago

Kajal Waswani

RT @Axel_bitblaze69: Morning, A thought came in my mind In upcoming 2-3 years I'll be either working 9-5 and doing overnight for few extra…

1 month ago

Hey, Miss Rona

RT @LammaticHama: Happy #SettlerSaturday Since its Indigenous Peoples Day monday why not buy a Settler Guilt Hall Pass. Drop 5 bucks and I…

1 month ago

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