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the script

We just bought the biggest round of drinks in history, on #StPatricksDay for everyone at our show in Brussels tonig…

9 hours ago

Jonathan Safir

"I long for the days when a middle-aged man with no rhythm could just go have a few drinks and make a fool of himse…

11 hours ago

💟❤Miss Hollywood❤💟

@joshgroban But then again now that it's so healthy just leave the Vodka out. I would be a great bartender: talking…

just now

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Ted Lieu

Coal is not coming back for the same reason VHS tape is not coming back. Superior technology & market forces crushe…

1 week ago

BigHit Entertainment

[기사] [강명석의 This is it] #제이홉 의 소박한 믹스테잎

1 week ago

Kim Dotcom

There seems to be a coordinated push by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to silence conservative voices. These tech co…

1 week ago

Margaret Farrell

RT @hunterw: Here’s a story I wrote about the early days of the Trump campaign that sheds light onto what a big role Sam Nunberg played in…

1 week ago

gunchan bday d-1

RT @SonexStella: Hi all, I could use your help! I’m applying to a job at @TwitterKorea: I’d be working with Twitt…

1 week ago