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Greig Lennon

@cavaticat 1/ I grew up in the UK, my parents camagned for the Liberals in the 1970s. The party later became the le…

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@mcwm Secret Aardvark is so good!!

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Nothing is better than a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner

1 month ago

Terrence K. Williams

THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER! This is why I love and respect President @realDonaldTrump We finally have a leader that…

1 month ago

Thomas Massie

My translation of what Bloomberg said: “Taxes aren’t just for revenue. Taxes are a means of control. So we’ve got t…

1 month ago

ドン チャック ウィルソン

RT @41Strange: Joe Pesci’s head on fire in Home Alone (1990)

1 month ago

Blue Thunder Ram

RT @BanalDoost: While I was away I came up with a cat character who comes out at a frat party. Obviously, shenanigans are expected. I`m fin…

1 month ago