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RT @cryptodemedici: The beautiful thing about fast paced and growing industries is that you have to be constantly growing and adapting. Per…

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Fera Jewellery

Good article about pushing through boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone for growth! @Tim_Denning

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RT @bus_kerdou: I've always claimed that we walk into love with eyes wide open. We choose to be a part of their personal growth & their suc…

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Maddow: GOP says they can't find the money to fund children's health insurance — but they wrote a real estate looph…

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Sarah Sanders

When an American family earning $45,000/year gets a $1,379 tax cut next year under our plan, every Democrat who vot…

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Let's all take a moment to enjoy this moment in Delly-LeBron history.

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RT @SenWarren: The #GOPTaxScam is shameful – and it’s the result of a shameful process. Heading to the Senate floor one last time before th…

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@Maahaddd_ We're a bit behind loooool

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