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Sarah Kendzior

Trump revels in US crises and exploits pain for profit. Kaepernick calls out systemic US problems in hope of change. Kaepernick's honorable.

1 day ago

Stefan Molyneux

Why #Capitalism Exploits Poor People [Not Really]

1 day ago

Matt Walsh

I think the problem is that Trump exploits irrelevant culture war issues for attention while ignoring the important…

1 day ago


모야..니네아빠 무병장수

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RT @LUCERO920921: 투명밀크티 오늘 발매.. 밀크티는 밀크티 색으로 두면 안될까? 왜 굳이 이런 개쓸모없는짓을 하는걸까 먹기싫게 생겼어..

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Cleveland Cavaliers

Paying homage to the game. Paying tribute to our heritage. @Nike’s Association + Icon edition uniforms for the W…

1 month ago


Hate to interrupt your golf game, @POTUS, but care to acknowledge the Marines who died last night in the Osprey crash?

1 month ago

Guga Chacra

Milhares de seres humanos morrendo queimados no Game of Thrones e eu preocupado com a saúde do dragão

1 month ago


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1 month ago