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Maxime Bernier

Like all self-described Marxists, the Black Lives Matter cofounder is just another hypocrite who exploits racial di…

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Bloomberg Opinion

Biden is implementing a more coherent strategy than former President Donald Trump ever managed, one that maximizes…

1 day ago

Christopher Miller

NEW: For years I've researched men who go to fight with Ukraine's far-right units. This story of a US Army vet char…

4 days ago


さすがに2日間のこと反省しなさいね、自分。 #ナナク古戦場

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Diary.Yinwar​ (ไดอารี่.หยิ่นวอร์💕 )

@whatwhowhenWAR เหมือนกันเลย ย ย กินทุกเช้าไม่งั้นเหมือนจะวูบ บ

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