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☘️🇨🇾Jack Monroe

I've wanted to do this for ages and after today's absolute lovebombing from you all, I've plucked up the courage to…

18 hours ago

Seth Abramson

By the way "absolute immunity" is so not a thing in our justice system that Philbin may as well be telling a little…

3 days ago

Richard Hall

Medics with the Lebanese Red Cross are absolute heroes. They spent the whole night in clouds of tear gas to help th…

6 days ago

Hautville - Brits hate extremists

RT @cllr_thomas: An absolute honor to attend the yearly Act of Remembrance for Torfaen’s John Fielding, known as Private 1395 John Williams…

10 minutes ago

Karla Buenrostro

RT @Chelyflieess_: Happy 25th one more time to my wifey. My absolute best friend, my soulmate, I am praying for more birthdays by your side…

11 minutes ago

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