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i hate all of you

309 notes on my transparent gif of jake the dog. yeeeee boi

6 years ago

nick ヽ(´∀`

The gif I made transparent hit 1k notes omg (◕‿◕✿)

6 years ago

105.5 JYY

Do you think about how healthy meals are going to be when choosing where you will go out to eat?! Here is an...

6 years ago

♒☯ⒻÆЯÜ汰ム☺♒ أن يتقدم 

fetal-collection: made this a transparent gif. submitted by tangible—dreams transparent/w- hite blog, follow it.

6 years ago

Graphic Design SE

How to make an animated gif with a transparent background without overlap? #gimp

6 years ago

Christopher Stokes

Amazing Transparent Frog…, #funny #tumblr #gif

6 years ago


mike-fuentits: My first transparent gif. I tried at least.

6 years ago

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