Agama Perrie Edwards Biodata tweets

Kaylee Register

@annalou_edwards well your sweet girl haha thank you!

5 years ago

Tony Pyles

I wonder how many people who don't like Edwards's "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" ever read the full...

5 years ago

Sydney Schmick

Yoooo why are the Edwards brothers the funniest

5 years ago

charlene smith

RT @1DPaparazzis: Perrie and Zayn both have the same Guns N Roses shirt (via @1DVanctyUpdates)

5 years ago

Perks of Ziam

Eleanor is Beautiful. Danielle is a dancer. Perrie is a singer. And me?

5 years ago

Lonnie Wheatley

Mitchell Johnson holds a 47-point lead over LR Edwards in the #chilibowl pool entering tonight's feature with Gapinski 3 pts back in 3rd

5 years ago

AveGail Cruz❄❄

Jacobs and Bella's kiss looks more believable than her and Edwards #Eclipse

5 years ago

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