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Bolsonaro segue negando que tomou a vacina. Atacou de todas as formas a vacinação e chegou a associá-la a AIDS. Qua…

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Dr. Theresa Tam

Pleased to share perspectives with Dr. Fauci's on existing and emerging public health threats including HIV/AIDS, C…

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Max Boot 🇺🇦🇺🇸

The Kremlin, predictably, blamed the US government--as it has previously done for everything from the spread of AID…

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lit bot

Break the glass, break the ghosts. Pull down the sky. Break everything. Dance on the fragments. Scream their names.…

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Peter Boyd

RT @Stiddyo: In the #COTIDIANA consortium: Looking for people with #RMDs #rheumatic to take part in an online survey to find out: - Are you…

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