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David Frum

It might help if we stopped calling them "militia," an honorable term for the legal armed force of state government…

1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

Here are the Biden-Harris supporters “protesting” me in NH today. A real group of winners Team Biden brought out to…

15 hours ago

Chad K. Mills

A militia group marches up 7th St. in downtown Louisville. They wouldn’t identify their group, but I know I’ve seen…

1 day ago


RT @P1H_official: P1Harmony (피원하모니) STAGE + [INTAK/JONGSEOB] : The Present ▶Coming Soon 2020.10 ▶ EwY #P1Harmony #피원…

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αввι⇝ IN生 🚨

RT @chanlixual: im so so proud of skz they went from not being nominated last era to have only a little gap agaisnt a very big group 🥺 cong…

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