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DIY Spa Treatments: Honey + Olive Oil = Skin Moisturizer Honey + Brown Sugar = Facial Scrub Rosewater + Coconut Mil…

1 week ago

Cleveland Clinic

Matcha tea powder has 137x more antioxidant catechins than green tea! Here's how to enjoy it:

1 week ago

Dr. Karen K.

@Astropartigirl Check out @sevencups they are an amazing tea shop that carries so many types of green teas directly…

2 minutes ago

Fussae Hayes

Still using water to make your instant noodles? You’re missing out on amazing green tea noodles!…

5 minutes ago


@rabayl @sophoya Powder version of this beetroot from Peru which apparently has amazing health benefits. LOL. not t…

3 hours ago

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