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RT @Just_ATeens: (1/2) "It was like a merry-go-round in my head, they looked absolutely astonishing... My whole life changed in a couple of…

45 minutes ago


I'm broken down and tired of living life on a merry go round 🙃🙃

54 minutes ago

milagros 🤩

life is like a big merry go round, you’re up and then down... goin in circles tryna get to where you are

1 hour ago

Jaxon Butler

I just saw a spider as big as my thumb on the outside of my window and now im packing. Its his house now. He can ha…

2 hours ago


"Live your life on a merry-go-round Who starts a fire just to let it go out? If I saw you on the street, would I ha…

2 hours ago

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Donald J. Trump

Public opinion has turned strongly against the Rigged Witch Hunt and the “Special” Counsel because the public under…

1 month ago

Niall Horan

Amazing to be back in Brazil,Love this place . If you ain’t got a ticket to come see me , go get one . Rio and São…

1 month ago


pelo menos a rússia não vai precisar voltar pra casa

1 month ago

Angel Erwin

@GodsTinyAnimals Mama would not like a human hugging her baby

1 month ago