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Sue Heaser

I so love this. I grew up in Asia and this reminds me of mini cookery I did as a child.

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BBC News - The 'tiny' recipe to YouTube success

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Jonathan Knight

The 'tiny' recipe to YouTube success - BBC News

3 hours ago

Wally Wilson 🐽 🐾 ⛓️ 🏳️‍🌈

İmam bayıldı (it was so good the Imam fainted) ciNo

7 hours ago

🛕 Zafar the Djinn 🕌

RT @OrientalEnigma: .. 🎥 ~ VIDEO ~ 😃 Meanwhile in India..... This is a delightful feature! 🙏 #YouTube 📱 #TheTinyFoods 🍛🥄 #Thanipadi #Tiruva…

10 hours ago

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Bernie Sanders

Class warfare goes on in the U.S. right now. It looks like drug companies raising the price of insulin so that poo…

1 day ago

Desi Banks

😂 How Hood Dudes Order Food At Waffle House!😂🤔

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@jamescdwyer I'm making plain chicken on plain noodles... so yeah... I miss real food

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RT @Winnifred__: My boyfriend always feeds me the first bite of whatever he’s eating. You’d be tempted to think that’s cute but if you know…

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