Chinese Knives tweets

Anthony Zecco

"What's her name?" "Knives Chau. She's Chinese. " #scottpilgrim #cubeecraft #kniveschau

4 years ago

Servbot #001464

"Knives Chau. She's Chinese."

4 years ago

Chris Szelagiewicz

@KnifewearYEG do you happen to have Chinese chef knives as well?

4 years ago

Carrie Elizabeth

Can someone please explain why a chinese restaurant never has knives? #thanks

4 years ago


Her name's Knives Chau. She's Chinese.

4 years ago

♡☹ ur so london ✧♡

knives chau ... she's chinese

4 years ago

Bill Zabelsky

RT @TheAdamHolland: @Z_muzings @pennsylvaniahub This could've easily happened with Chinese throwing knives... #GunControlWorks

4 years ago

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