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Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Charlatans & economists use logical flaw: because a pilot is expert, they are experts. But Pilots are selected via…

1 month ago

Bill Mitchell

The left always overreacts. It is their nature to take things too far because they are emotional, not logical. They…

1 month ago

Seth Abramson

50/ So I maintain what I've said since January 2017: barring a major change, this is a massive, complex, internatio…

1 month ago

shashikara s shetty

RT @Ethirajans: Is this a valid, logical reason to oppose a development project, in the name of Jesus? This land is a dream of Jesus for ov…

1 month ago


@RathorePrincy @imVkohli I never said I do fair and logical comparisons. I tweet in their own logic and metrics the…

1 month ago

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