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Lmfao so with my close friends.. I save all of their contact photos as their baby pictures.

1 hour ago

ᴮᴱ G a b i

If the visual director Kim Taehyung said the pictures are cool, it means we will have the best concept photos EVER~…

4 hours ago

(_ _).。o○

WAIT WAIT WAIT I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE I COULD DO BABY PICTURES i think this one remains to be one of my fave photos o…

5 hours ago

FACEDbyShannon on IG 🂡

Seeing all these baby pictures and getting re-depressed bcz recently me guh try take off some real sentimental phot…

6 hours ago

ld 🎃

i’m going through my favorite pictures on my phone and they’re all photos of dexter and now i’m in tears. i miss my baby boy so much 😔

13 hours ago

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