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Elizabeth Warren

10 years ago today, Lehman Brothers collapsed & set off the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Mill…

5 days ago

Kamala Harris

Russia interfered in the election of the president of the United States. They manipulated our election system. We a…

5 days ago

Kirsten Gillibrand

I shouldn’t have to say this, but every American should be able to get the medical care they need. It’s time to est…

5 days ago

Sanjay Gangarade

RT @TejalRParmar1: @nisha_7om #FakeCaseOnAsaramB- apuji shows the fakeness of the existing system and cowardness of society.. TOTALLY UNFAIR…

4 days ago


@hollyhalstonlov @HDKrise @isukkard @TollyHotSpot @jo_emperor Appatlo manchiga ne undedi .... Kani kalam marekoddi…

4 days ago

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