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Choosing one person who RT's to be next videos shoutout! New vid is up! Like and subscribe! 9LZfAn

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Andien Aisyah

Selamat jalan, Ashraf.. Unge dan Noah yang tabah ya.. Satu hal yang terngiang2 terus daritadi waktu Unge meluk gue…

9 hours ago

David Hogg

If we get a day off for George Washington‘s birthday, we should also have a day off to vote.

15 hours ago

👀 J . K. SW ♥💥💯

RT @espn: "This is her life ... this is no game to us. We're about protecting her heart. We're about protecting her joy. ... To do that, we…

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peter 🇸🇪

RT @Twittwa25775941: Let's not ever forget how they treat our children because they are white.

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