Bail tweets

Elsie Hideous

RT @JonnieMarbLes: By the way, the police have imposed bail conditions on arrestees, banning them from Westminster and from all protests ti…

10 months ago


Ban hands/legs - Chicago burb - Bail set at $20K for CeaseFire Illinois director in domestic battery

10 months ago

ʌ ה ה ʌ ™

Pls bail me out of jail now.

10 months ago

Kelly Palmer

Don't tell me you will go in the rain than see water outside and bail, like just dont do it #byetomyplans

10 months ago


I love the beach so much but I should stay home, house is a mess, laundry to do. my friend would be hurt if I bail so #stgeorgebound

10 months ago


Headed off to NC! #vacation #yesplease

10 months ago

Marc Rowedder

“@HS_BHGP: Anyone else find it hilarious that Steve Alford just landed a recruit named Wannah Bail?” Thought it was a joke. Nope, it's true.

10 months ago

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