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Life is Ruff

RT @UnleashNishh: I had to get cute today. Apple bottom jeans fur boots today. I had to keep it looking good cause my baby daddy just ma ...

1 year ago


@JimmyFett @ElKnuckelhombre Bail money required

1 year ago

Fmoi @Ccf_YngcHen

If we ever get caught I bet we make bail #Yngc

1 year ago

Alexandra Hodges

@sean_reilly4 @JUllrich22 well we're gonna have to bail him out soon..

1 year ago


RT @NotCommonFacts: At age 21 Bill Gates was arrested for speeding in his Porsche 911 and immediately posted bail from his wallet full o ...

1 year ago

Matty V

#wow #gottoreal #bail #80charlottle

1 year ago


@SometimesSteven I'd hang out with Bale just so I could bail. Be like man I just remembered I need a colonoscopy, gots ta go.

1 year ago

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