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Disney Words

I could be the blossom, and you could be the bee, and then I could call you honey. –Winnie the Pooh Movie

7 months ago

Bio Network

#OnThisDay 10 Yrs Ago: Madonna kisses Britney & Xtina at the MTV Music Awards. MDNA bio: PIC:

7 months ago

Nasir Jones

Got stung by a bee this summer! Still alive.

7 months ago

Stephanie McMaster

Now that "twerk" has been added to the dictionary, I can't wait for a Spelling Bee judge to be asked to use it in a sentence.

7 months ago

Fact Book

More people are killed each year by bee stings than by shark attacks.

7 months ago


1) Monsanto blamed for bee colony collapse disorder. 2) Monsanto buys leading bee research firm. 3) No more independent research. 4) Profit!

7 months ago

Mia ♛

It's better if you know less people NO DRAMA ✌

7 months ago

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