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IMPORTANT: If you are awaiting rescue, hang a towel or sheet prominently so we can find you. Adresses are hard to spot. #harvey #hounews

1 month ago

Preet Bharara

Anytime you despair about our country or its direction, think about how ordinary people rise up to aid their neighbors in crisis. #Houston

1 month ago

American Red Cross

#RedCross is providing shelter, meals & comfort to people impacted by #Harvey. To find a location:…

1 month ago

The Pizza Man™

@elonmusk @ItchGrid Are they African or European brakes?

1 month ago

Lisbeth Chavarria

RT @ashleytisdale: Please donate if you can. Seeing all the images of #HurricaineHarvey is so heartbreaking. or cal…

1 month ago

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