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[token] in PR by notalex Samp- le: ` "AIzaSyD3nPwh9tDkBuVPs4Grj0MH- 6hF_Nxz8DjI"`

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Robert Reich

Socialism is a scare word they've hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called publi…

4 days ago

Sarah Sanders

Attorney General Bill Barr clearly explains why President @realDonaldTrump is right on the wall: “The humanitarian…

3 days ago

Charlie Kirk

Wow: An illegal alien in Oregon is charged with creating and distributing over 10,000 fake IDs, voter registration…

4 days ago

richgang randelson

MJ was a straight up gangster. He wanted to have control over the publishing of black artists bc he knows how they…

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