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New Scientist

If you knew it took 4 hours to walk off the calories in a pizza or 22 minutes to run off a chocolate bar, would you…

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World Health Organization Western Pacific

The number of overweight and obese people continues to increase in all parts of the world, while at the same time a…

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Sally Bundock

Would new labelling on food packaging, detailing the length of time it would take to burn off what you are about to…

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RT @outrooyoongii: yoongi shaking his a ss in front of everyone, looking like a liddol dumpling pls I will eat him 😡🥺🥺…

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Carole-#NeverTrump Human Scum

RT @Acute_Tweetment: “Ugh. Yes. Ashamed. Embarrassed. I DID eat my little brothers dinner...and I’m very sorry...forgive me...hugs...”🐶😂❤️h…

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