Blizzard tweets

dawn hutton

well its blowing a blizzard up here in Alnwick #bestfindthewellies

6 years ago

Mr YounG_BEE

My diamond chain looking like a blizzard.

6 years ago

Bryan P

@nicashlee I'm driving in a

6 years ago

A Wandering Soul

@TheEmmziChan glad to hear it! We had a blizzard in late 2010, and we couldn't move for four days. Lol! I had to walk far to buy dinner. ^ ^

6 years ago

Blizzard Yeti

#Tweet4Taiji loves dolphins because of their natural smile. A crocodile also has a natural smile. Do you trust it too?

6 years ago

Dairy Queen KSA

How else can you enjoy your favorite Blizzard? In a Waffle Cone!

6 years ago

shawn oconner

Blizzard Entertainment registers domain: Blizzard has apparently registered two domains r...

6 years ago

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