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Parker Molloy

Amazon, 1999: A book store, but online! Amazon, 2019: WE WANT TO BUILD SOMETHING CALLED A “WAR CLOUD.”

1 month ago


#しまむら より『 #刀剣乱舞 -ONLINE-』 ルーム雑貨は初期刀5アイテム、へし切長谷部・巴形薙刀(しまコレのみ)・南泉一文字(しまコレのみ)ワッペン付き3種の登場です! 7/13(土)より店舗で、7/17(水)より「しまコ…

1 month ago

Mufti Ismail Menk

Social media has given a voice to the voiceless. Our videos, posts & comments online are a reflection of who we are…

1 month ago


I pity South African online bullies tonight. #NGARSA

1 month ago

Stephanie Migot

How American Corporations Are Policing Online Speech Worldwide [@Gizmodo]

1 month ago