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Decembers finest♥

I swear its like only me my sister and mom live here... My brother is hardly home

6 years ago

Lindsey White

Sweet brother and sister :) #love

6 years ago

♐ twelve eighteen ❥

RT @KyFolarin: @_TylersCreation You and Tuan brother and sister right?

6 years ago

Ooops MY NAME IS O_o

Every since my brother and sister left for college ,we don't talk as much

6 years ago

Fuck You :-

i havent seen nobody with a brother and sister relationship like me and erick ctfu

6 years ago

We Rich Forever

The stuff I see my little sister and brother get we didn't get when we was growing up -___-

6 years ago

Peruano Americano

Haven't seen my sister and brother-in-law in a year. Couldn't be more stoked to be picking them up tomorrow. So many activities lie ahead.

6 years ago

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